Scoogle Changelog


Aplha3.5: +Scratch Webpage in Progress
Aplha3.4: +Fixed Changelog
Alpha3.3: +Search Updated with Scratch inspired by catcrusher
Alpha3.2: +New Thumbnail
Alpha3.1: +Theme Button Position
Alpha3.0: +New Thumbnail & Themes
Alpha2.9: +Thumbnail
Alpha2.8: +Bug Fixes
Alpha2.7: +Bug Fixes (Flashing Emails)
Alpha2.6: +Search Engine1.3 with boofy01
Alpha2.5: +Bug Fixes
Alpha2.4: +Added Date under Email Icon
Alpha2.3: -Removed Date In Inbox Space
Alpha2.2: +Email System1.3
Alpha2.1: +Searchable Tab1.1
Alpha2.0: +Search Engine1.2 with Doge1firstKing
Alpha1.9: +Bug Fixes
Alpha1.8: +Searchable Tab1.0 Inspire by catcrusher
Alpha1.7: +Bug Fixes & Search Engine1.1 with isaacisdead
Alpha1.6: +Bug Fixes
Alpha1.5: +Search Engine1.0 with catcrusher & zanepaulshaw
Alpha1.4: +Email System1.2
Alpha1.3: +Email System1.1
Alpha1.2: +New Scoogle Logo
Alpha1.1: +Email System1.0
Alpha1.0: +Scoogle in Black Font

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